Do you have a dream – about moving abroad, buying a plot, building a container house, or anything in between? We offer creative sparring in different ways to get you started…

BASIC – dream’in

1 hour zoom or live meeting in la container casa, to get ideas and dreams out in the open and a following sum-up on mail

Price: 90 €

This could be an overall brainstorming upon thoughts and ideas, specific questions about permissions and planning, questions about container houses, where to start or practicalities about moving abroad…


Consultancy during the process of planning

Price pr hour / 80 €

10 hours 600 €

We will customize the consultancy for your needs, could be:

  • Choosing an area, location scouting (either together or options send to you, with descriptions and google map links)
  • Finding a plot
  • Choosing an architect
  • Self-build, advise on go’s and no go’s building your container home
  • – where to buy containers, used or new ones, how to work with containers and steel, tools and materials, paint…
  • Off-grid solutions, solar panels, generators, muld-toilet, water tanks
  • Décor, colours for the house, plants, secondhand shopping, inspirational website shopping, mood boards, and more…


Our house is build by shipping containers, 3 used containers 40 feet and one new container 20 feet. It is a self-built project with architectural help for planning and permission and a local contractor for digging, sewage, concrete and more.
We have used as much of the containers as possible, no covering up on the outside, just the raw surface and structure of the containers. We have done a lot of rust work though and painted them with green metal paint. We chose green because we wanted it to blend in to the surrounding nature, a kind of nature meets industrial and the idea is to cover most of the facade towards the street with climbing plants to highlight this idea.

There has been a lot of cutting and welding. The containers are just a shell for you to play with. We have isolated all of the walls from the inside and covered them with plasterboards, leaving some pieces of the original walls, doors and also part of the wooden floors.
We have aimed to built our house as a fuctional, modern and cosy family home true to the industrial style with concrete floors, huge steel windows, steel staircase and so on. But the possibilities are infinite.